Chinese Company Invests $985M in Canada Oil Sands 

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It’s yet another in a string of indications that Canada’s rich and powerful have no intention of terminating their three-plus decade unconstitutional relationship with the Chinese, continue to use this country as a base of imperialistic operations and tap our vast natural resource wealth to finance that unlawful adventure.  The more aggressive they’ve all become the more justification is to toss ‘em all in prison for life, seize their personal assets and custodianize their businesses.    



First there was Trudeau’s late 1970s National Energy Program – one of several major initiatives to monopolize the national and regional economies for the benefit of the Ottawa-Toronto-Montreal triangle of power and wealth.  Next was China’s richest man, Li Ka-Shing, taking a large stake in Husky Oil.   Folowing that political and corporate interests accelerated the encirclement of the elephant oil deposit in Northern Alberta.  



More recently, Alberta’s Enbridge Inc. tried to build a $4 billion pipeline from Fort McMurray to the BC west coast to ship crude to China.  That was cancelled in the summer of 2007 because the Chinese got it through their otherwise arrogantly belligerent heads the U.S. would never let a drop of oil flow through it. 



Then last autumn came what’s reported in August 31, 2009, PetroChina takes $1.9-billion stake in oil sands, Financial Post. That deal sought to generate profit to finance Beijing’s imperialism using our resources.   



The edification loop was expanded into Alberta’s energy sector after the Athabasca Oil venture was announced.  All the major players were put on notice that mega deals with the Chinese attracts a life sentence. 



And then last month despite that warning there was what’s reported in April 13, 2010: China's Sinopec takes $4.65-billion US stake in oilsands with ConocoPhillips buy, Canwest News Service.   ConocoPhillips’ legal department was contacted in December ’09 and put on notice that severe consequences awaited anyone who advanced Chinese interests. 



Now comes the latest in a string of Security of Information Act violating and UN Charter infringing investments that will lead to personal poverty, perpetual prison and corporate custodianizations and further fuels the need for fundamentally deconstruct and reconstitute Canadian governance and the economy. 


Chinese company invests $985M in Canada oil sands

by Charmain Horonha

Associated Press

May 13, 2010


TORONTO — Canada's Penn West Energy Trust says it's getting a $985 million investment in its oil sands assets from a Chinese company.


Penn West said Thursday that China Investment Corp. will own 5 percent of its stock and will invest $805 million to form a new joint venture.


Penn West will contribute assets valued at about $1.7 billion to the venture in exchange for a 55 percent partnership interest.


Chinese companies have been buying up oil assets as the country uses more energy.


Shares of Penn West are up 88 cents, or 4.6 percent, to $19.93.



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